About Us

My favorite thing about Scouting are the unique opportunities.  Without scouting, I likely wouldn’t have gone on a 60-mile hike, swam in a natural spring, learned to sail, or gotten SCUBA certified.  Scouting has also given me the opportunity to give back to not only my community, but other communities through eagle projects or other community service events.  These experiences and opportunities have enabled me to develop my leadership skills and taught me how to take care of myself.  They have also taught me meaningful life skills, such as public speaking and how to manage money.  All of these have allowed me to become a better citizen and a better person. – Ben B.

My favorite part about scouting is going to Charlies. Charlies is the perfect place to relax, but also to practice scouting skills. One example of a fun scouting experience at Charlies was making shelters for the Wilderness Survival merit badge. Personally, I also love just getting the opportunity to escape the city and be free on the ranch. There are also things like hiking around the lake and playing zombie tag at night that just really make the campouts extra fun. I just love being on the ranch and every experience has offered me relaxation, fun, and taught me many lessons, which makes Charlies my favorite part of scouting. – Nate B.

What I love about Scouting, especially Troop 800, is the people. I was nervous and shy when I first joined, but everyone is so friendly and welcoming. There is no judgement and everyone works as a group. The campouts are fun and our Scoutmaster, Liz, is the best out there. There is so much to learn. – Jacob W.