Scouting is about building character and camaraderie, making new friends, building teamwork skills, learning life-lessons, learning self-reliance and self-care and about how to care for your community, your country and family.

Troop 800 is a boy-led troop. The young men in our troop lead our meetings, elections, camp out prep and special occasions such as our bi-annual Court of Honor where we recognize those who have obtained skills and who are closer to their goal of becoming Eagle Scouts. It’s also an opportunity for older Scouts to set an example for the other young men in the troop and provide an encouraging environment for goal-setting and achievement.

Mostly, Troop 800 is about helping each other along the way and having a good time while we do!

If you’re interested in visiting with our troop, please visit our Contact Us page where you can send us a secure message.